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4) likewise, beware of ring designs that utilize higher color melees. K colored diamonds are beautiful set in yellow gold or rose gold bands.

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Diamonds with a color grade of k or l are in something of a middle zone;

K color diamond in white gold. Intense yellow or brown diamonds and any other color are considered “fancy colors,” but for this article we’ll focus on white diamonds. A white band might make the diamond appear more colorless. F colour diamonds are comparable to d or e colour diamonds.

Opting for a k color diamond allows you to save some of your budget, either for a better cut quality or higher carat weight. However, the price difference between these diamonds isn’t so subtle. The k color diamond grade equates to faint yellow on the gia color grading scale but might look whiter than you imagine set in platinum or white gold settings.

The i color diamond is available from james allen for $4,200, while the d color diamond also from james allen costs $6,750 — a whopping 60% more. The diamonds that have an almost perfect white color are put in the colorless range and assigned a letter grade of d (the highest), e or f. Diamonds with a grade of d, e, or f are considered “colorless,” while g, h, i, or j are “near colorless.”.

So it's necessary to spend more money on a diamond with a high color grade. However, diamonds of this color grade should generally not be set in platinum or white gold. The color of the halo will draw the eye away from the color in the diamond.

This page may contain affiliate links , that help support our efforts. The diamond ring in the video is. Fluorescence is good for diamonds with hints of yellow.

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Still, we recommend a yellow gold or rose gold setting, because with a lighter metal color like white gold or platinum, the tint of a k color round brilliant can still be seen with the naked eye. However, this would still require close examination. That’s because the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond helps mask its body color.

Find a diamond with fluorescence. A shiny white gold solitaire setting will only serve to make the tinted diamond stand out like a sore thumb. Sometimes it’s even possible to go lower than j, to k color diamonds.

Only a gemmologist can detect the minute colour differences between e, f, and d colour diamonds. A diamond will naturally pick up the color of its environment (in this case, the band). Set in a beautiful yellow gold setting, a k color round brilliant cut diamond can look gorgeous.

This provides an incentive for purchasers to scale up size in a lower range. This 1.31 carat j vvs2 diamond in 14k white gold setting looks totally white from all angles. Diamonds graded k and lower have a yellow tint that is more or less visible.

When set with platinum or white gold, the yellow tint in a k color diamond may start to become noticeable. You can use either yellow gold or white metal bands such as platinum or white gold, depending on the effect you want for your engagement ring setting. For most people (myself included), the yellow tint in a k diamond isn’t obvious when looking at white gold/platinum settings from a top down perspective.

L color diamonds have a yellow tint that’s visible. Then i go with a shank in a color metal i'm digging at the moment. 3) lower colored diamonds usually don’t contrast well against most white gold or platinum ring setting designs.

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Conversely i have heard that j/k color diamonds, such as the one i am considering will look great in rose gold due to the contrast of the rose gold and diamond. Why not see the diamond set on a white gold/platinum setting first. The stones that are close to perfectly white are put in the near colorless range, which consists of the grades g, h, i and j.

As for metal colors, i set my ks in white gold heads because from afar it blends in with the diamond for a more seamless look (imho). I have read that the colorless diamonds pick up the rose gold/yellow gold color of the prongs and can make them appear a grade lower in color than if placed in platinum and white gold. 10k yellow and white gold engagement ring with 3 round main diamond stones (0.03 cts each, j color, i2 clarity) and baguette accent stones (0.14 cts, k color, i3 clarity).

So, the best setting color for a j color diamond is yellow gold or rose gold, but a platinum or white gold setting will still help to hide some of the natural color in the stone. Because cut quality impacts a diamond’s beauty more. Viewed from the side, the color difference between these two diamonds becomes much easier to see.

The i color is usually okay with white gold/platinum settings, but since you have a 2.5 carats, you might want to upgrade because bigger diamonds tend to trap more body color. The diamonds, especially the baguettes, appear quite yellow against the band. A yellow gold band will accentuate the yellow in the diamond;

We do believe the faint. We generally recommend k and l colored diamond when you’re looking for value. Twenty percent of customers choose an f colour diamond.

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